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Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm

$ 999.00

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Pre-Filter Cartridges (5 Micron), 6-pack

Drawing water out of the open ocean may allow your pre-filter cartridge last for several months, while drawing from polluted bays may foul your cartridge within hours of use. The cartridge is a 10″ x 2.5″ 5 micron pleated paper filter. Please note it is very important to use a 5 micron filter with this system to protect the RO membranes and the high pressure pump.


High Pressure Pump Oil

1 Pint
This oil by General Pump is an ISO 100, Non-Detergent pump oil which is recommended by the manufacturer for the complete line of Rainman pressure pumps. One pint of oil is required for each oil change.


Pickling Solution Mix (Sodium Metabisulfite)

3 lb. jar
When the system goes unused for an extended period of time, the membranes need to be “pickled” to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow inside and damage the membranes. (The length of time your system can sit idle without pickling is largely dependent on air and water temperature.)


Digital Hydrotester

Measures nutrients, salts, and other dissolved solids.
by HM Digital


Lift Pump Replacement Impeller

Genuine Jabsco Impeller (original installed equipment)
The lift pump in any of the Rainman pressure supply units contains a small rubber impeller and is considered a consumable item. Life of the impeller will vary with use, but in general it might require changing every couple of years.


Water Hose Extension (35 foot)

The 35' extension hose couples to the end of your existing product water hose for extended reach.


Water Tote Bags (Collapsable 5 Gallon)

One 5 Gallon Bottle
Smart Bottles are made from a single wall of 10 mil film. Compact and lightweight for quick packing and travel in emergency and survival situations. Be prepared with food-grade, collapsible emergency containers for your home, auto or anywhere–whenever water may become scarce.


Inflatable Solar Light

by Luci

Be prepared with this Luci EMRG 3-in-1 emergency inflatable solar light. It provides up to seven hours per charge of solar-powered light that's perfect for blackouts, storms, and roadside emergencies. The Luci EMRG 3-in-1 emergency inflatable solar light has five different modes, including a flashing S.O.S. and red light mode to preserve night vision.

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