Reasons for keeping Rainman portable:

  • In just 10 minutes of receiving the system, you can make drinking water.
  • No holes are put in the hull of your boat.
  • Eliminate the expense of installation.
  • When cruising or racing, you can easily take the Rainman watermaker ashore.
  • Move the system around to store anywhere you like on your boat and your situation changes.
  • The entire unit can be shipped to a technician when maintenance is needed. This saves you time and avoids having to arrange for a technician to come aboard your vessel.
  • Your Rainman can be loaned out to a friend to use on their boat.
  • You can take the system with you to other remote locations (Camping / RV / Cabin)
  • Fill your neighbor’s water tanks.
  • Easy to resell.

Reasons for installing your Rainman:

  • You won’t have to pull the system out on to the deck every time you use it.
  • No hoses on the deck during operation.
  • Easier to use while underway.
  • You have the choice to partially install (PSU, RO Membranes, or both).
  • You can uninstall and revert back to a portable unit anytime.