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Call: 888-884-4220

Water Tote Bags (Collapsable 5 Gallon)

Water Tote Bags (Collapsable 5 Gallon)

$ 7.50

One 5 Gallon Bottle
Smart Bottles are made from a single wall of 10 mil film. Compact and lightweight for quick packing and travel in emergency and survival situations. Be prepared with food-grade, collapsible emergency containers for your home, auto or anywhere–whenever water may become scarce.



Smart Bottle survival bottles are highly puncture resistant and do not break when dropped from 4 feet.

  • Compact when empty and folds easily for storage
  • BPA free
  • Smart Bottle material conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1520 which permits the use of polyethylene in articles that contact food
  • Integral handles at the top and bottom are designed for easy carrying and dispensing content
  • Remains upright when partially full
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Bag may be frozen with water in it
  • Empty bottle weight: 208g
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