Rainman in Panama
I’m an owner of a riviera 38 FB based in Panama, Republic of Panama. I took the decision to buy a Rainman water maker after a lot of research. I find the product on the Internet and read about the system and the different configurations available. I took the decision to choose Rainman cause my engine room have limited space available and I don’t wanna go through the installation process that involve changes in my engine room configuration. After that I contacted with Rainman headquarters, cause there’s no distributor in my country, and have a great support choosing the appropriate system for my needs and a full advice about all the freight & duty charges. Three days after make de payment the system arrives to my home in Panama.

The system have a great presentation, quality, and it’s really easy to use and store. The output were excellent in water quality and quantity. Up to day I’m really satisfied with the system and every body were impress with it, simple, and exceptional value for the money.

– Frederico, Panama