mysailing review“The Rainman does everything it claims.

It is portable, can be stored in almost any locker space on most yachts, makes fresh water, does not deplete the battery bank and uses the same gasoline in your four stroke outboard. The main downside is that it’s noisy, but because it makes water quickly that might not be such a big issue.

The Rainman has other less obvious advantages, both being safety related: one being it does not need a through-hull fitting so no fear of failure and if anything goes wrong on the plumbing side of the system it is not going to flood your yacht, as long as you keep all the components on deck when it’s operating,

But would we buy one and what would we buy?

We think it a very neat solution for small yachts and for any yachts where retrofitting might be expensive or difficult. It is also a very neat solution if electrical power is an issue.

On this basis, the unit is to be recommended.

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